The deliemma of trying and trusting

Dont give up!! Always try hard!! These are some of the things we have been taught from a very young age. We always hear people saying you need to keep your shit together and try and try. But when it comes to fighting for a relationship or even fighting for a friendship these lines they seem not so good do they? The thing about this is simple ‘everybody wants to feel important at somepoint of time’. People might say they dont care but they always want to feel important, they want too see how much can someone care for them. You know the first thing about a healthy relationship or friendship is that you need to trust other person so much that you know no matter what they will stand by you. Trying and trusting go hand in hand. You wont fight for someone when you dont know for sure if the situation is reversed they would do the same for you. We need that feeling of surity. Fights are a part of relationships but the first and only step to resolve is to talk. Fighting for someone is good but there comes a point when you feel ur efforts are not appreciated yoy feel neglected. And thats when efforts stop and you are not wrong. Its always a two way street . And people who tend to forget that tend to push people away blame others and end up alone. So keep trying untill you feel its worth it. The minute that feeling goes whatever you do wont matter to anyone.



How many times we hear people say after a bad breakup that they will never be able to love again. Or how bad we feel when our feelings are not reciprocated by someone else and it feels like we dont deserve love. Most of us grew up in an era where SRK immortalised this dialouge ‘Hum ek baar jeete hai ek baar marte hai aur hum pyaar bhi ek baar hi karte hai’. Let me just say out loud i am a big Shahrukh fan. But the thing about this dialouge that bugs me is its not always necessary that love happens only once. Yes your first love is something which you cannot forget and should not forget. Lucky are those who are able to spend thier rest of lives with their first love. But for thos who have suffered faliure in love there is always hope. And there is a 100% chance someone is there who will fall for you that you will meet someone who shares your intrest and likes you for who you are. The key here is patience acting desperate wont take you anywhere. This may seem outrageous but being a old school romantic is best for us. Beliving in love is important. You were failed by a person not by love. Trust me everyone deserves and everyone gets the love they want. Some msy get it quick some may find it late. But it will always be worth the wait. So be patient and belive in love because YOU WILL LOVE AGAIN.


I remember it was summer of 2014 when i met this one amazing girl. She was shy at first and very intelligent. She almost always used to sit by her own but she also did use to talk to some people. Then someone introduced me to her and we used to meet and talk each other. I instantly knew there was something very unique about her..the way she was. Shy at first but the moment she gets comfortable with you knew you found a gem of a person. And there was a new her..talktative insanly funny but still very intelligent. At that time i had decided one thing no matter what happenes you got to have this one in your life always. Then as always happens there was some less talking between us. But then the gods smiled at me again and here we were again talking to each other regularly making fun of our lives and all. Sometimes she can be intimidating but you know she will calm down and will be the most sweeetest badass person you could ever know. She can love you with all her heart but also hate you so much that wont even remember you. But in the end if you are good to her she will be that friend you always wanted. She makes me laugh. She makes me wonder what good i have done to meet her and have her in my life.This post wont be possible if it was not for her.


Most of us when we hear someone say these four words we are like what are you saying i cant i have no time to just sit and relax. Turns out you can because you just like me and all others is a human being and not a machine and we all need some relaxation which most of us dont do. I get that everyone needs to earn money and live a life full of comforts. And lets say that you have earned that money but whats the meaning of comfort if you cant enjoy that. You did your hard work throughout the day , you had your share of hard work done now its time for you to take a step back and relax. Best way to do that is do something that you like but was never able to do back in the day. It could be anything from dancing, reading , writing to playing sports. Just imagine after a tough day you come back having a cup of coffee reading your favourite book or playing a song you like on a guitar or writing about your thoughts that you cannot share it is just very relaxing. Even machines need refuelling to work properly next day and so do we all. So dont think its bad just TAKE A STEP BACK AND RELAX you have earned it.

The Way Of Life

The good the bad the ugly part of life. Life can be many things and the most intresting part about it is someway or the other we have to face every part of that in our own way. There is the happy part which we all want to last long and then there is the sad part which we all thing we dont desrve and we want it to end as fast as it can. But the one thing that is constant in life is that every bad thing , situation or anything that happens makes us learn something good about ourselves our lives. The thing about life is which i belive me must do is enjoy all those happy moments as much as we can and as long as we can..but also try to learn from the bad stuff that life can be with its ups and downs but if we have belief we can get through it and be happy again. Everything bad we face makes us who we are , it makes us learn about ourselves more. We must realize that staying positive in any way helps us a lot in anything.From faliure in academics to faliure in relationships to losing someone closed to we handle this is important.
The most great thing about life is we need to have such people in it with whom we can share our sorrow our happiness every self doubt we ever have and if we open up to people they will see good in us and we will see good in them.
And thats what everyone should be looking for in their lives..and everything we do is always worth it in the end someway or the other..maybe not instantly but in near future