I am so lost
In the midst of all The people i know i am just lost , i just don’t know what my identity is , who exactly i am , what exactly am i doing here. Am i someone’s friend anymore am i someone special anymore. Am i just a third wheel around here. The feeling of worthlessness is high, the feeling of being alone is high. Sometimes its just scary, sometimes i just want to cry. To bring out this whole lot of stuff inside of me. Just waiting to explode inside me. What is my fault exactly, maybe i am too clingy, maybe this is what i am supposed to be anyhow. Sometimes i just want to die .. sometimes I don’t want to feel anything. But i do feel a lot these days , the pain , the agony all of its just a bubble waiting to explode inside me.

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Lets Fight

A sense of sadness surrounds me. A sense of emptiness is always there. I cannot be angry at anyone. Nobody is at fault but me. Maybe its just me. Sometimes things just go out of hand. Sometimes things just have to be trubulent. You have to take the hard way. People will always give up on you. You have to be strong. Hold on to every shred of hope you can, with everything you have. That is your real test. In face of adversity how can you show up, how can you fight. I will fight, i will survive this. This is not how it is supposed to be. This time i will have a happy ending.

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Who am i??

The question i ask myself a lot these days. Who am i??

From the guy who wants to interact

From the guy who wants to make everyone happy.

From the guy who wants to smile..to putting smile on others

From caring about everyone..to well still caring about everyone

From being alone and sad ..to being alone and happy..

All this and still not being able to figure out who am i..??

The ambiguity of this all excites me scares and makes me wanna explore myself and the people and the world..a lot more

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How sports help in cultivating loyalty

I am a sports guy. I mean i love sports its a very important part of life. The thing is in sports we get to learn some important lessons of life that are necessary. Sports helps us to stay loyal. And not even for the players also for those people who watch sports also. When you play with a team you have to trust the players around you to carry the team and win as many matches and trophies as possible. Even when the team suffers loss the players have to stick together all the time. They have to work hard each and every time. They can never give up on the team and the players. This teaches them to trust and hold on to things that matter no matter how hard it gets. For the fans who watch sports who supports any team you have to keep supporting it. You cannot just change your team the moment they start losing it. I personally have learned how to be loyal by supporting a team no matter what. These all things and much more can be learned from sports so start supporting a team start playing a team sport and learn how life can be more intrersting.

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The deliemma of trying and trusting

Dont give up!! Always try hard!! These are some of the things we have been taught from a very young age. We always hear people saying you need to keep your shit together and try and try. But when it comes to fighting for a relationship or even fighting for a friendship these lines they seem not so good do they? The thing about this is simple ‘everybody wants to feel important at somepoint of time’. People might say they dont care but they always want to feel important, they want too see how much can someone care for them. You know the first thing about a healthy relationship or friendship is that you need to trust other person so much that you know no matter what they will stand by you. Trying and trusting go hand in hand. You wont fight for someone when you dont know for sure if the situation is reversed they would do the same for you. We need that feeling of surity. Fights are a part of relationships but the first and only step to resolve is to talk. Fighting for someone is good but there comes a point when you feel ur efforts are not appreciated yoy feel neglected. And thats when efforts stop and you are not wrong. Its always a two way street . And people who tend to forget that tend to push people away blame others and end up alone. So keep trying untill you feel its worth it. The minute that feeling goes whatever you do wont matter to anyone.


How many times we hear people say after a bad breakup that they will never be able to love again. Or how bad we feel when our feelings are not reciprocated by someone else and it feels like we dont deserve love. Most of us grew up in an era where SRK immortalised this dialouge ‘Hum ek baar jeete hai ek baar marte hai aur hum pyaar bhi ek baar hi karte hai’. Let me just say out loud i am a big Shahrukh fan. But the thing about this dialouge that bugs me is its not always necessary that love happens only once. Yes your first love is something which you cannot forget and should not forget. Lucky are those who are able to spend thier rest of lives with their first love. But for thos who have suffered faliure in love there is always hope. And there is a 100% chance someone is there who will fall for you that you will meet someone who shares your intrest and likes you for who you are. The key here is patience acting desperate wont take you anywhere. This may seem outrageous but being a old school romantic is best for us. Beliving in love is important. You were failed by a person not by love. Trust me everyone deserves and everyone gets the love they want. Some msy get it quick some may find it late. But it will always be worth the wait. So be patient and belive in love because YOU WILL LOVE AGAIN.